coverage commissioner chaney considering suing blue go blue shield

as the dispute among the university of mississippi clinical center and blue pass blue protect keeps, commissioner of coverage mike chaney says he’s considering suing blue go blue defend.

at some stage in thursday’s annual hobnob mississippi event, chaney instructed newshounds that he believes an agreement among ummc and bcbs can be reached via monday. but, after assembly with each events in my view, the commissioner said on friday’s episode of the gallo display that federal intervention may be required for the battle to come back to an stop.

“i’m no longer annoyed; i’m mad,” chaney stated. “you’ve were given 750,000 mississippians – now not all mississippians but policyholders of blue pass blue protect – out of community with the university of mississippi clinical center, and they may be being used as pawns by way of blue go and by the college.”

returned in april, ummc turned into dropped from bcbs due to an lack of ability to agree on a reimbursement charge boom that the medical institution argued changed into akin to what instructional clinical facilities in other states are receiving, leaving over 50,000 sufferers without coverage at mississippi’s largest hospital.

in keeping with chaney, a economic number become agreed upon in late july. the war of words has since hinged on what tactics at ummc are blanketed by using bcbs.

while chaney blamed each events for his or her role in the dispute, he said bcbs has endured to promote policies to humans with out informing them that ummc is no longer an option underneath the private insurer. that during itself will be the foundation of the lawsuit.

“we can also restrict blue go’ proper to put in writing greater regulations if they’re now not community-ok through the stop of the year,” chaney said. “you may’t simply allow them to promote rules to human beings, wondering they’re in the network and they are able to go to the university sanatorium – or any health center as a long way as that’s worried – after which find out two weeks later that they’ve been paying the top class and are locked in for a year and can’t use those doctors.”

if an settlement between ummc and bcbs isn’t always reached with the aid of the cease of the calendar yr, a decision may be made by using the legislature and the establishments of better mastering whilst the 2023 consultation commences in january.

as of date, bcbs has 967,000 policyholders in mississippi – nearly one-1/3 of the state’s populace.

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